Using Web Marketing to win new clients

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Driving traffic to your website is a great way to generate new business, and there are a number of techniques for marketing your website. You may consider hiring a marketing consultant to help achieve this, however if your budget doesn’t allow for this yet, here are some strategies you can try yourself, many of which are completely free.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is probably the most important web marketing strategy, because it allows you to be found when someone searches for you. This is a multi faceted approach that can take months to complete, but which pays dividends, because it’s virtually free.

To start, you need to optimise your website with keyword phrases – which are the words people type in to a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo or Bing) to find a product or service. These companies all try to ensure that keyword searches prove useful and relevant for the person searching, so one of the keys to improving your SEO is to ensure the copy on your home page is relevant to what you do. This may stifle creativity a little, but there’s a balance between getting noticed - by saying something different, and being found - by using words and phrases relevant to your industry. To start the process, consider all the phrases you would type in to a search engine, to find the product or services you provide. Have a look at your competitor websites and see what phrases they are using as titles for their pages. Once you’ve established which keyword phrases are most relevant to your business, go back to your own website and make sure these words are incorporated in the copy on your website – especially your home page. Then ensure that these keywords appear on the tile of your pages. For instance, many companies have ‘Home’ as the title of their home page. By changing this title to include the keywords that are most relevant to your business will help companies like Google to rank you higher for relevance.

Other SEO techniques include writing blogs and articles on your website containing those keyword phrases. This helps to demonstrate your experience in your chosen field to potential customers, but it also improves your SEO ranking with the search engines. You then need to create backlinks to your website by using article directories such as Ezine, BlogSpot, WordPress and other free sites. You will link your websites URL to specific keywords and keyword phrases that others can click on to reach your site.

Continually update website content.

Another tip that you can take from a good marketing consultant is to continually update your website. Even if you aren't coming out with new products or new services, by adding new pages, (you can even rewrite old information), you are keeping your pages fresh and relevant, which will attract search engine response.

Regular communication with your database.

Don’t forget about your current customers and contacts. Send them regular updates, offer a coupon if they subscribe to your blog, and so on. The old phrase, "out of site, out of mind" is very true in web marketing terms, so regular contact will ensure your customers don’t forget about you.

Affiliates and paid advertising.

 There are also ways to market your website that cost money. You can use affiliates to sell your products, which means advertising with them - however, you will have to pay them a commission for this service. In addition, you can use banner ads, pay per click campaigns and more, all of which a marketing consultant can organise and manage for you if you don’t have the time.

Return on Investment.

One very important thing to consider, however, is your return on investment. Your time has value and if you are spending more time on your marketing than you are on your business, then your customers may well suffer. Consider starting with an SEO campaign and then adding other methods as your campaign starts seeing results. As your business grows, consider hiring a marketing consultant to provide expert advice and to develop more complex campaigns for you, which in turn, will deliver further growth for your business.

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