How do I get my business and my brand noticed?

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3 tips to getting your Business-to-Business brand noticed

1. Identify the one thing you do differently from your competitors

One of the key ingredients of a strong marketing strategy is to create a unique point of difference for your business. 

 But while most companies claim to be different, much of the time these claims aren’t actually unique. Promising the ‘best people,’ ‘the best systems,’ or being the ‘most passionate’ in the market is simply not enough.

 The problem is that these terms have become over-used. Words like ‘proactive,’ ‘quality’ and ‘personalised’ are so clichéd they’re virtually invisible.

 So without having to engage a marketing consultant, what should an SME owner do to stand out in the market?

 The answer is to look at how you differ from your competitors, and specifically how this benefits your customer.

 For example, a small Sydney accounting firm (let’s call them The Matrix) decides that instead of claiming to be the best tax, financial planning and superannuation provider in Australia, they will develop a new system to identify where a client exists in the financial planning ‘lifecycle’.

 They then tailor solutions proven to work for each client’s ‘lifestage’. By creating this unique system, the firm has established a clear point of difference from its closest competitors. It can now focus on demonstrating how this unique system benefits its customers. No more bland statements about having the ‘best people.’ The Matrix now stands apart.

 2. Build real interest around your brand story

Once you’ve created your unique point of difference, it’s important to bring it to life by creating an engaging story around it. The fact is that people love stories. They resonate with childhood. Stories invite us to create meaningful connections with the people we want to communicate with.

But how do you build an engaging brand story as part of your marketing strategy?

Begin by making it easy for people to understand you. Explain what you do in plain English. Every day we are exposed to approximately 500 marketing messages online, via television, radio and outdoor ads. The messages that cut through all the noise are the simplest ones. The easiest way to think about this is to apply ‘KISS’ principle (keep it simple stupid). If your marketing message is a simple one, you’re much more likely to be remembered in all that clutter.

Here are some other ways of extending the impact of your brand story:

  • Embed elements of your brand story into all of your products, services and branding (logo design, web design, brochures, newsletters etc)
  • Sponsor events which highlight your brand story
  • Design customer experiences which link to your point of difference

3. Be clear and concise in all your communications

Tell someone one thing about your business and they will remember it. Tell them 7 things and they will forget everything. Focus on one aspect of your story and ensure the benefit to your customer is clearly highlighted.

But content is not the only consideration.

The visual components must also clearly and concisely represent your brand and weave into the fabric of your story. Your marketing agency wouldn’t marry an elegantly written piece about the world’s finest chocolates with visual components that work for an adventure magazine, so why should you?

Follow these simple marketing guidelines and you’re well on your way to building stronger customer loyalty – which leads means building a bigger business.

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