7 Golden Rules of Marketing

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Seven Golden Rules of Marketing

Regardless of the type of business you operate, or services you offer, a solid marketing strategy is critical to creating a successful business. Here are the seven golden rules to create a stronger brand and to attract more customers to your business:

  1. Highlight your uniqueness. Businesses often struggle to find something different to say about their services. They talk about what they do. You offer professional and expert accounting services? So does every accountant. What makes your services unique compared to your competitors? Rather than what you offer, think about how you offer it, and how this benefits your customers. You might have a special way of presenting their accounts or a proprietary system of assessing their accounting needs. Focus on this and you’ll have created your unique selling proposition (USP).  
  2. Be consistent Once you’ve worked out your USP, apply it to EVERYTHING. Don’t be tempted to leave old messages out there. New prospects can come to you from all kinds of ways – business card, website, phone call, newsletter, blog, print or online ads and so on. If you’re not consistent you run the risk of confusing your audience with mixed messages.  
  3. Keep it simple. Don’t over-complicate your message. You may understand the intricate workings of your service, but is this entirely relevant, useful or interesting to your customer? Potential customers are more inclined to read your ad or marketing blog if it’s direct and straightforward. Wordy explanations and flowery writing will lose their attention before you can get your point across. What do you want them to know? Give it to them creatively, yet concisely.
  4. Branding. When branding your business, how can you create a look that is uniquely yours? Look at your competitors’ websites – do they tend to use the same colours as each other? For accountants this is often blue. Choose a colour or two that’s different from the others and which will form the basis of your web design or logo. This will help ensure stand out from the competition.
  5. Keep it real. Build your brand from a position of truth not hype. Customers can spot hype a mile off – much better to offer them real content, real benefits, real value. Demonstrate your ability to do this through case studies and testimonials. Don’t offer the moon, if you can't operate a space ship.
  6. SEO. Learn the secrets of using keywords to get your business higher on search engine listings. Knowing how to use keywords to generate more hits on your blog or website will bring in the customers who need what you've got.
  7. Blogging For Dollars. Create a Wordpress website and write about your market in a new and engaging way. This can be linked to your business home page blog. Learn how to blog effectively to bring in more hits and to get more business. Advertising on your blog also opens the doors to more cash flow options.

With your marketing strategy firmly in place, you’ll be able to create a really successful business. Being real, and consistently presenting your products and services in a simple yet creative and memorable way, will help your business to stand out from your competitors and keep customers knocking at your virtual doors.

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