After talking to B2B's owner Howard, we felt that their brand proposition of 'increasing your wealth, so you can do more of what you love' didn't really get to the heart of what made this business tick. Something was missing.

So we interviewed Howard - along with his senior manager Adrian - to understand why they do what they do - what motivates them to run the business the way they do.  From this, we found the source for their inspiration - and an understanding of how they deliver their unique brand of accountancy. As it turns out, Howard wasn't an average suburban accountant by a long-shot. He was more of a detective than an accountant. Working with his clients to dig beneath the number to discover the real motivators for his clients. And that's how we brought B2B's Brand Story alive - using the analogy of a 'detective agency.'


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What does this mean? Money is the medium of the modern society. We want to help you earn it fairly, grow it wisely and protect it carefully. Most importantly, it is still just a medium. We want you to enjoy money by doing what you love most. Whether it is for family, a reward, long-term comfort, sports and leisure, charitable sharing, “What you Love” is what matters.

B2B is a firm of professional Accountants and Financial Planners. We make it easier, reducing the worries of looking after your finances. We beleive in open talk and honesty. We want our relationship to be valuable and life-long, for you and your family, wherever your planning or circumstances take you.


Our Advantages:

  • We are not your average suburban accountants.
  • We deal with you on a commercial basis, talking straight and looking for opportunities
  • We are in business, just like you, and know the excitement and concerns of business in the 21st Century.
  • We are authorised representatives of Count, the largest investment support group for accountants in Australia.
  • Our goal is your long term wealth and security, knowing the short-term sacrifices required.
  • We keep our knowledge up-to-date by attending courses and seminars, many of which require homework and exams to complete.
  • Our staff is our most valuable resource. We come from a variety of backgrounds. We each bring a degree of specialty, with a shared professional focus on our client.
  • The fees are modest, but geared for value.


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B2B TeamThe Brand Story successfully identified B2B's key point of difference and put into words what they were really about. Howard explained afterwards that the Brand Story helped the staff to identify with the business and gave them a sense of pride in the work they do and the values they uphold.

B2B believe the new Story will help to attract new and like-minded customers to their business. We will update this case study as results emerge over the coming months.

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* The Brand Factory was engaged to write B2B's Brand Story, and was not engaged for either logo or web design.