We asked ACA's Founding Director - Dean Carey - to explain what ACA does, how it does it, and why it does it.

Dean's answers were inspirational and exciting. But none of this passion seemed to be reflected on their homepage. The website did explain what ACA did, and where it had come from – but it didn't answer the 'why' - why they believed in the power of the performing arts, and how this belief delivered a better way of training actors and public performers.

Following an in-depth interview with Dean, we managed to get under the skin of ACA to understand why they do what they do, and how they do it. We got to the truth of what makes ACA tick - and we used this to build a powerful and compelling Brand Story. We uncovered the secret ingredient that was buried inside Dean's head – and brought it to life through the Brand Story.

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Welcome to Actors Australia

Actors Centre Australia is one of the most well known and respected independent performing arts training facilities in Australia.

Established in 1987, Actors Centre Australia is housed in a heritage-listed church in Surry Hills, Sydney, offering a unique environment for a wide-range of acting courses, acting classes, performances and special industry events.

Courses range from full-time career training, to the enormously popular part-time acting course, The Power of Performance, as well as an array of 8 week Beginners courses and drop-in classes throughout the year.

Actors Centre Australia caters for all who have an interest in the performing arts whether for personal or professional goals and who long for a dedicated, personalised and passionate environment in which to learn and develop.

We look forward to sharing our passion with yours.




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Unleash your true potential.

We believe everyone has natural talents and untapped potential. We help you reveal them.

To us, inspiration is the key to transformation - so we encourage everyone to go beyond their expectations, to excel.

How do we do this?

  • We deliberately limit our class sizes, to create a personalised and dynamic environment - where everyone feels welcome.
  • Our world-class tutors are as passionate about teaching as they are about acting. They listen, then offer honest feedback and support. They create an environment of trust - where every student is encouraged yet challenged to achieve more.
  • We inspire a continual sense of wonder about the power of the performing arts.

Why do we do this?

Because we believe the carrot is mightier than the stick – and inspiration is ten times more powerful than fear.

So if you're looking to develop your acting, self-expression or public performance skills – ACA is the place to come. It's a fun, vibrant, and welcoming environment where students break through to a higher level, and their natural talent is revealed.



"The brand story has crystallised what we all knew was happening already... it was the best branding excercise we've done" - Dean Carey, Founding Director.

ACA was delighted with tits Brand Story, and believe it has helped redefine what they do in a way that will help attract the right clients to their business. While it's still early to assess its impact in terms of increased business, ACA's Brand Story will be used as a powerful reference point from which future marketing initiatives will be deployed.

You can view ACA's website at: