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Whether you know it or not, your business already has a story.

Your customers write it every day - in the way they judge your performance. The trick is to be able to dictate that story to your clients, staff and partners - so it lines up with who you are as a company. If you don't do that then your future as a business is just 'blowing in the wind' as a certain American singer-songwriter would say.

So how do you control your Brand Story? Apart from delivering amazing value to your client, the key is to establish your purpose as a business and communicate what you stand for to every stakeholder. If you’re Zappos (the US online shoe and clothing shop) that would be something like ‘going beyond the call of duty’ to ‘surprise and delight’ when it comes to customer service. Their much quoted story of the time a call centre employee sent flowers to a woman who’d returned a pair of shoes because her husband had died between the time of order and delivery - kind of sums it up.

How do you find your company’s story? From within - always within. I believe every company has a soul – created by the people who forged that company. Their personalities, values, and beliefs automatically flow into the company persona. Whether they realise it or not. So to find the story you must deconstruct the owner, GM, and/or key members of the Board to understand what makes them tick. And viola – there’s the purpose at the heart of your company and/or Brand Story. The big questions to ask are:

- Why does the company exist?

- What is it here on planet earth to do - in an altruistic and visionary sense?

- How does it help people in a way no one else can?

Get clear on those three questions and you have the foundation for your story.

Then it’s just a question of structure. Here’s the structure we tend to use:

1. What problem do you help solve for your customers? (Whether they know it’s a problem or not)

2. What does your company whole-heartedly and profoundly believe in that ensures you are totally committed and emotionally equipped to solving this problem?

3. What do you actually do to solve the problem?

4. How do you solve it?

Once you get your story straight and you tell the right people, that’s when the magic begins. Because people love an authentic story – that comes from the heart – puts their needs at the centre, and has a happy ending for their business.

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