Who are you trying to be (when you’re not being you?)

Justin Cooper Added over 7 years ago

We all offer something no one else can. We all think in a slightly different way to others and we all have a unqiue skill no one else has. The trick is finding what that one thing is.

In the meantime we get busy doing. Without knowing what our 'point of difference' is, we get on with the job and promote our businesses by talking about how 'professional' and 'passionate' we are. But the trouble is, that's exactly how others promote themselves. With the result that every business is offering the same thing.

The truth is that small business is an extension of the owner or general manager of that business. Their character, their beliefs and their personality. In small business, the owner = the business.

To truly create a unique business proposition in the SME space requires us to look at ourselves first. We need to identify what drives us to do the business we do. We need to understand how we do things that differentiates us from our competitors. We need to look at why we are in the business beyond merely making money. There has to be a bigger reason – whether it's to give back to society (altruistic), to prove to someone we can achieve our goals (whether to ourselves, to family or to friends).

Once we work out what drives us, we can get clear on what we offer. Then it's a question of identifying exactly who needs this and who will buy what we offer.

Traditional marketing thinking would have us believe that we need to start by working out what the market wants, then make it. The reality is that the customer doesn't know what she wants - she waiting for us to wow her with a great idea. And she wants that idea to be authentic and genuine.

New marketing thinking requires us to work out what drives us before creating our offer, then ensuring the right audience hears about it.

So go ahead – be you – you might just find things work a little easier that way.

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