What would Branson Do?

Justin Cooper Added over 5 years ago

We did a role playing exercise this week at Business Masterminds where we took on the persona of a famous, influencial and successful figure and asked the question: 'If X were running my company what would he/she do?'

Some of the characters included Mohammed Ali, Oprah and (would you believe it) Lady Ga Ga. It was a great exercise because all these characters had a similar tenacity and drive - which is what we all need in our businesses to succeed in the long run.

So why not try this exercise with your team? It's a great way to assume an alter ego and adopt an objective perspective on what you're doing and how you're doing it. You can run it for a key project, product or service, or as a general review of company operations.

It's amazing what you can achieve when you bring a (virtual) successfull celebrity into the office. So who will that celebrity be for you?

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Matt B said over 5 years ago

Going to try this with my team, great idea!

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