Are you wasting valuable dollars on marketing?

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If you buy or download just one business book this year, I recommend Oren Klaff’s “Pitch Anything.” It’s billed as an “Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal” - and it’s essential reading for anyone trying to sell anything.

Klaff reveals that when we’re pitching a carefully thought-through idea to someone – that person’s brain automatically filters the message in a very basic way. It goes through a filter – and unless the idea your pitching is simple, new, clear, relevant to them right now, and relevant to the success or survival of their business – it’s highly likely to be discarded. This filter consists of the oldest part of the human brain – the brain stem – also called the ‘reptilian brain.’ This was developed by our distant ancestors millions of years before the development of our human ‘thinking brain.’

How does this affect the way you should market to our clients? In simple terms it means we need to open any conversation, marketing or sales message with a statement or a question that identifies a problem we know our audience has. Or we need start to start by identifying an opportunity so new and innovative that will either make or save them money, will save them time and effort,  or will improve their lives.

By doing this our message has a much better chance of getting through to our audience, because the reptilian brain will mark it as iurgent before sending the message up to the mid brain and then on to the thinking brain.

Which is why I started this communication with the question 'Are you wasting money?’ This is a direct threat to your business, because wasting money means reduced profit.

So next time you’re communicating with your clients, remember to address their reptilian brain first – get their full attention by outlining a problem you can solve for them, or wow them with a brand new and innovative way of improving their lives.

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