The Power of Stories

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Story Book

We’re conditioned from an early age to respond to stories. We enjoy the way they unfold and we look forward to hearing how they end. The structure follows a set pattern – starting with a problem or challenge, getting to know the characters, seeing how the hero overcomes the challenge, and the conclusion at the end. We relate to the characters because we see ourselves and the people we know in them.

Your Brand and Business also has a story - and it needs to follow the same pattern:

1. Identify the problem you solve or the opportunity you give your customers

2. Reveal who you are as a brand/business, what you believe in and what you do to solve the problem or deliver the benefit

3. Summarise your idea – explaining what you do and how you do it.

Once you get your story straight and you tell the right people, that’s when the magic begins. Because people love an authentic and powerful story that has them at the centre and a happy ending for their business.

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