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I presented to a group of young marketers recently on the topic 'Marketing Your Passion' and I kicked off with the statement that 'Marketing is Dead.' The reaction was a mixture of nervous laughter and shock :-)

"What the hell? I've only just started in this career and you're telling me the party's over already?!'

I then modified my statement to 'Traditional Marketing is Dead' - and went on to state that it died at 12.31pm on Friday 15th October 2004 - when the one millionth user signed up to Facebook. Why was that significant? Because that was the Tipping Point when the power shifted from companies and brands to the People. For the first time ever, we could control what we thought about the products and services we buy - because we had a voice via social media. Since then, the number of FB users has ballooned to over 1.2 Billion.

And since then 'Traditional Marketing' has died - the assumption that you all you need to do to be successful is to ask your market what it wants and then give it to them. This just doesn't work anymore. Why? Well that's partly because people don't actually know what they want (think Henry Ford and 'Faster Horses'), or have moved on to something else by the time you've created what they say they want (think Steve Jobs).

But the main reason for me is that the one thing customers really want above all right now is Authenticity - and the traditional marketing model simply doesn't give you that. Why? because it doesn't include one essential ingredient - YOU. Unless you 'Start with You' - and communicate the Purpose of your work/business/brand, what you believe in, and what your Client Mission is - you will fail.

Intuitive Marketing


That's what I mean by 'Intuitive Marketing' - you start by understanding what you / your brand / your business is here to do, who you are here to help - and then telling the world. Because if you don't, they have no idea of who they are really dealing with - and they won't be able to fully trust you.

So after 25+ years working in marketing and 10 years working in 'Purpose' - I believe the key to successfully marketing yourself, your brand and/or your business is to share your Purpose, beliefs and Mission - and to enshrine these into everything you say and do.

If you'd like to discuss how to discover and use your work Purpose to increase the excitement, the buzz and the success rate - for you and for those you work for and with - please get in touch.

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