Marketing is Dead

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The traditional practice of asking your customers what they want doesn't work any more. That’s because they don’t know what they want – they’re waiting for you to amaze them with your ideas, inspiration and innovation. And that inspiration comes from deep within the soul of your company – from its culture. And that means the dreams, core values and personality of the CEO / senior management team.

But most companies are still marketing the old fashioned way – by looking at their market (and sometimes their competitors) for inspiration. The result is that they tend to produce ‘samey’ products and services and then add an 'image' via a logo or smart design so they stand out. But it’s a bit like putting lipstick on a bull. Today’s consumer simply isn’t fooled just by image alone.

So what’s the alternative?

“Driving” is one word for it. Identifying what drives you as a business – then injecting every facet of your business with this ‘mojo.’ It’s what Steve Jobs did and it's what Richard Branson does. It’s a way of inspiring customers by giving them an authentic and unique product or service. In a world of spin it’s the only thing they really want.

Marketing is dead….long live Driving!

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