Love conquers all

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In his book ‘Love is the killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends’ Tim Sanders shows how you can ‘give the love’ in business while still being successful by showing compassion and encouragement.

The book Firms of Endearment (FoE) tracked the performance of 28 companies that people love – not like – but love. They identified a culture of love within these organisations as one of the key elements of success. To the authors Sisodia, Wolfe and Sheth, corporate culture is the key point of difference that drives success.

They site the example of Timberland CEO Jeffrey Swartz accepting a friend’s invitation to spend a day in a teen halfway house. When asked ‘what do you do’ by a troubled teen he answered ‘I’m responsible for global execution of strategy.’ When he returned the same question of the teen the answer was ‘I work at getting well.’ Swartz took this to heart and developed a new mission at Timberland of ‘making the world a better place.’ Timberland’s stock grew by nearly 800% in the years that followed.

Maybe love does literally conquer all.

Of course ‘love’ isn’t normally associated with successful companies. But then again nor are the other terms the authors of FoE used to classify the culture of the 28 companies they tracked, which included words like: affection, love, joy, authenticity, empathy, compassion, and soulfulness.

And if you run – or help to run a company - it’s not hard to initiate a culture of love into your organisation. As long as it is initiated by the leaders. The authors of FoE concluded that ‘True Leaders focus less on their own self-interests than on the interests of the whole.’ And their definition of an FoE is a ‘company that endears itself to stakeholders by bringing the interests of all stakeholders groups into strategic alignment.’

So all it takes to get started on the road to making love a key component of your business is to foster a culture of caring. This simple step is of course a big leap given the pervading culture of ‘dog eat dog.’ However it seems that once management takes this first step it doesn’t take long for nature to take its natural course. After all, isn’t it more fun to work for and buy from a company we love?

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