Learning to say 'no'

Justin Cooper Added over 4 years ago

It's so tempting to say 'yes' when a prospects asks you for a service you don't provide. Why turn away revenue? Why not adapt and expand your offering?

The problem is that it can take you, your business, and your staff off track. It can redirect essential and scarce resources in the wrong areas. Ultimately it becomes a 'tail wagging the dog' exercise. It can also mean that when the right opportunity arrives - a prospect looking for a service that fits perfectly with the purpose and vision of the organization - we aren't in a position to service that need. And then of course it can open the flood gates to similar requests - and before you know it, the ' left of field' request becomes standard procedure.

So we must learn to be vigilant, to be prepared to politely but firmly say 'no' and to teach our teams to do likewise.

Of course businesses need to adapt to changing markets and to be flexible. But if the prospect is asking for a product or service that simply doesn't fit with the purpose of the organization, the answer should and indeed has to be 'no.'

It could ultimately mean the difference between success and failure in the long run.

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