In Love with your Business?

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In love

We’re nothing more than chemistry sets really. And our emotions are driven by neurochemicals. There are several related to the sensation of being in love – and one of them is oxytocin – also known as the ‘cuddle chemical.’ It’s released during orgasm – and facilitates bonding and the formation of trust.
Now I’m not suggesting you need to be sleeping with your business to be successful– but it’s healthy to feel slightly weak at the knees when you’re talking about it to someone else. Because when we talk passionately about a person or an idea it’s infectious. People can tell you are excited and that excitement rubs on them. They can see from your eyes that you are telling the truth when you say how much you love the idea and/or business you are describing.
But so many of us aren’t in love with our work. It’s a chore – it pays the bills. And that’s a problem if you’re trying to inspire a prospect or potential business partner to work with you.
So here’s an exercise to rekindle the ‘lerve’ for your business.
Ask your three best / loyalist customers these three questions:
1. What did I do for your business that made a real difference to you and your team?
2. How did I do things different to other suppliers you’ve worked with?
3. Why did you choose to work with me – apart from service, expertise and pricing? What was the ‘X factor’ that tipped you over the edge?
Getting a customer’s perspective is a powerful way of reminding yourself what you really do for people. Because it’s too easy to fall into a complacent relationship with your business, and to forget the amazing things you and it are capable of. But when you re-connect to the love you have for what you do it inspires you and all those around you.
So go ahead – give your business a cuddle and reconnect.

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