How to write a blog when you don't feel like writing

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How to blog when you don't feel like writing.
1. Remind yourself why you go to work on a Monday.

Come on - there must be something - the great coffee from the corner cafe near your office will do. Just kidding - I mean that feeling you get when a customer loves your work and tells you so. Hook into that and think of one thing you did to make a real difference.

2. Write like you're having a conversation

Imagine you're having a chat to your best mate about what you love about your work. Write in short sentences - tell it like it is. There isn't a Pulitzer Prize up for grabs - you're just trying to make a connection. Write from the heart about what's important to you.

3. Keep it short and snappy

No one has much time to read things these days. So keep them engaged with pithy commentary. If you can't manage pithy (because it's still blowing a gale outside) go with honest and direct. Edit what you've written to reduce and distil down to the bare minimum.

4. Think of a headline that would wake the dead

I've recently been reminded how important this one is - so please don't look too closely at my blog headlines. To the point above, people are lazy and don't like reading unless they think it will be interesting or they'll learn something new. So try and come up with a headline that is controversial or starts with 'How to...' For instance before editing it - my headline was 'writing blogs on a rainy day isn't much fun.' Well not quite - but it wasn't exactly arresting - so when I checked back on my own rules for blogging I changed it.

So just because it's tipping it down outside and all you feel like doing is going back to bed - try these 4 easy steps and create a little sunshine for the person reading your blog. Happy writing...

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