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The most powerful stories are often those founded on legend – those that have a true story behind them. The Battle of Troy, King Leonidas and the 300, King Arthur. All have a foundation on the truth.

To be truly memorable your business also needs to tell a powerful story that’s founded on the truth about

- What you do that makes a difference to your customers

- How you do it, and

- Why you choose to do it.

No one can tell this story quite like you can – as the founder of the business you are the one who drives it and inspires it. Make your story personal: pepper it with testimonials by clients who have seen what you’re capable. Share your story with your staff, your suppliers, and your business associates. Bring it to life through blogs and vlogs (video blogs) on your website.

Because business in the 21st century is personal – and it’s your responsibility to create a legend for your own brand.

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