Beware The Business Sirens

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Business Sirens are opportunities that take us off course and distract us from our vision for the business. They might be a new job, an overseas posting, or business opportunities that look exciting, but on closer inspection (after the event) just don’t fit with our long-term goals.

What's really going on when the Sirens lure us? We’re probably running away from something. We’re not facing up to the truth of who we are and what we're really here on planet Earth to achieve.

And it happens to all of us at one stage or another. We follow the money by getting a safe job doing something we sort of enjoy and which puts food on the table. We dream of doing something more interesting that inspires us but we put it to one side telling yourselves there’s no money in it because it’s just a dream. In fact we run away from it at every turn.

We think to ourselves “Could I really do work that inspires me? Could I really do work that will make a difference and will keep me excited every day of the week?” But then the logic kicks in and another voice says “Don’t be stupid - you’re dreaming. Knuckle down and get the work done, then you can enjoy the weekends.”

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can turn the dream into reality - you just need to start the process of engaging with that dream and putting a structure around is to articulate what it looks like and how it works. You can start the journey right here with this 10 minute video. It’s part of a new online course showing people how to create an authentic business story around what they really love doing in business.

So switch off the sirens and start to engage with your dream - life is so much more interesting and rewarding when you do.

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