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Leonardo's Helicopter
AeroVelo – a Canadian company based in Toronto - has just won the AHS Sikorsky Prize for creating a man-powered helicopter that hovered 3 meters above the ground for one minute - powered only by a man on a bicycle.
"It took AeroVelo's fresh ideas, daring engineering approach and relentless pursuit of innovation -- coupled with more than three decades of advances in structures, composites, computer-aided design and aeromechanical theory -- to succeed in achieving what many in vertical flight considered impossible,"
Inspired? OK - how are you going to get your business flying?
How can you become more inspired and more innovative? Here are a few suggestions:
1. Personal development - through courses and seminars that inspire and motivate you. This doesn’t have to be business-related – brilliant ideas often come from unrelated areas.
2. Networking with like-minded business people from different markets and disciplines. It’s amazing how inspired we get when we talk to others about what they’re doing and discover how similar their issues are, and how relevant their solutions to those issues can be for us.
3. Planning days. When was the last time you took time out to dream and plan where your business should go? It could be as little at 3 hours or as long as 2-days. Bring in a friend or business associate to help you think more laterally - or hire a coach to run it for you.
These three processes are all great ways to get a helicopter-view of your business. So are you ready to strap in and take flight?

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