Are you wasting valuable dollars on marketing?

Justin Cooper Added about 22 days ago

Most marketing messages are ignored by your prospects – because they don’t get past the gatekeeper of the ‘reptilian brain.’

The Power of Stories

Justin Cooper Added about 1 month ago

Stories aren't just for kids - they're a valuable marketing tool for your business.

Your Brand needs a Story

Justin Cooper Added about 1 month ago

Your Brand has a Story - and it's already written.

You are your business

Justin Cooper Added 3 months ago

Deep down – whether we know it or not – we're all unique.

Creating a kick-ass culture

Justin Cooper Added 3 months ago

How do you create an amazing culture for your business?

7 Golden Rules of Marketing

Justin Cooper Added 6 months ago

Here are our seven golden rules to create a stronger brand.

Learning to say 'no'

Justin Cooper Added 7 months ago

In business it's hard to say 'no.' But in the long run it's essential for survival and success.

Love conquers all

Justin Cooper Added 8 months ago

Why do people ‘love’ companies? Tim Sanders believes that love is actually a strategic cornerstone for successful companies

Is your staff really engaged?

Justin Cooper Added 9 months ago

You have a Vision for where your business is going, but is it shared with your staff and do they actually buy in to it?

Beware The Business Sirens

Justin Cooper Added 9 months ago

Like The Sirens in the classic Greek tale of Jason and the Argonauts, bright shiny objects in business lure us, charm us, but also have the capacity to ruin us.

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