Marketing is Dead

Justin Cooper Added about 1 month ago

It's no good asking your customers what they want - they don't know

Beware of BSO’s

Justin Cooper Added 3 months ago

We're under attack from BSOs – and we can't resist them.

Be The Lighthouse

Justin Cooper Added 3 months ago

There's one golden rule that sums up 'new marketing' - "Be The Lighthouse."

What's Your Secret Ingredient?

Justin Cooper Added 3 months ago

We are all born with a secret ingredient – a unique way of seeing the world...

Are you wasting valuable dollars on marketing?

Justin Cooper Added 5 months ago

Most marketing messages are ignored by your prospects – because they don’t get past the gatekeeper of the ‘reptilian brain.’

The Power of Stories

Justin Cooper Added 5 months ago

Stories aren't just for kids - they're a valuable marketing tool for your business.

Your Brand needs a Story

Justin Cooper Added 6 months ago

Your Brand has a Story - and it's already written.

You are your business

Justin Cooper Added 7 months ago

Deep down – whether we know it or not – we're all unique.

Creating a kick-ass culture

Justin Cooper Added 8 months ago

How do you create an amazing culture for your business?

7 Golden Rules of Marketing

Justin Cooper Added 10 months ago

Here are our seven golden rules to create a stronger brand.

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