Our Goal

We give Businesses and Brands a Unique Voice. A Clear, Authentic and Powerful Voice that cuts through the clutter and makes them heard. So the right prospects, staff and business partners can find them.

Who we help.

We help the business owners, start ups and brand managers who:
1. Feel their business/brand lacks stand out in the market - competitors are encroaching on their patch, and they don't have a clear point of difference.
2. Struggle to express their value proposition to prospective clients and staff - in a succinct, compelling way.
3. Aren't attracting the right clients/customers or enough of them.
4. Have employees who are under-motivated and not engaged with the management team's vision - who leave after a year or so. This leads to a staff turnover rate that can prove costly.

How we help

We uncover the true story behind what, how and - most importantly - why your business exists. We convert this into a compelling and Authentic Marketing Story that creates a greater level of engagement with prospects, staff and partners.
We then embed this story into your business and bring it to life through your marketing communications, business re-engineering, and employee engagement.

The outcomes.

Once you have Your Authentic Brand and Business Blueprint good things happen.
- You and your management team feel more engaged and motivated about the business.
- Your Brand connects at a deeper level with your clients and customers, and you attract like-minded clients rather than 'tyre-kickers.'
- Employees become more committed and engaged - because they have a clear sense of what the company stands for and where it is going.
- Your business converts more prospects and these turn into long-term and loyal customers - because they 'get' what you stand for and feel they can trust you to help them.
- It becomes far easier to sell your products and services because you establish trust with your prospects up front by telling an authentic and compelling story.

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