Scarcity: It’s the most powerful word in marketing.

If it’s scarce, its limited – it’s special – it’s only available to a lucky few. But have you ever noticed how the word ‘scarce’ sounds like ‘scared?’ Sure, diamonds are scarce, along with running English rugby (I can say that because I’m English) - but there is no real scarcity in business. If we want to make more stuff, we make it. Scarcity is an idea – it’s manufactured. The only thing that is really scarce is unique talent. To be able to do something no one else can. Or to do it in a way that no one else does it.

Are you adding this raw, unique talent to your business?

Or are you just doing what everyone else does in your market? Because if you are, then you only have a few ways of differentiating your business – and none of them are unique. You can make your website look great – but then so can your competitors. You can hire really good staff – but then so can you competitors. You can make a glossy brochure talking about how wonderful your business is – but then so can your competitors. And of course you can always drop your price to encourage people to buy. But then everyone can do that if they really want to.

So instead of tricking up your business so it looks smarter – why not go deeper?

Why not ask yourself ‘what’s the one thing I do that no one else can do, and how can this make my business genuinely unique?’

It requires a bit of soul-searching, but you’ll be amazed at how powerful it can be.

The Brand Factory
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