Build Your Brand the Authentic Way.

Does your business convert every lead it generates? Are your employees motivated and engaged?

We believe every business has a story to tell - a powerful story about what, how and why they do what they do. But most aren't telling this story - they miss out the 'why.'

But when you explain 'why' you make a deeper connection. This builds trust - making it easier to convert more prospects, and to attract and keep the right clients and staff.

The Brand Factory unearths  the truth behind why you and your management team do what you do, then we craft an Authentic Brand Story that creates a deeper connection with your prospects, employees and partners. We then work with your staff and marketing team to embed this story, so everyone is on the same page.

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Create your own Business Story

Our  new business branding program is designed for small businesses and start ups looking to create a powerful and compelling Story that makes marketing and selling easier. This unique step-by-step guided course consists of 8 videos and 8 worksheets. This powerful brand strategy tool is available for just Aus $397, and the first chapter is absolutely free.